Sleep more zzzzzZZZZZZ!

Sleep more zzzzzZZZZZZ!

Are you training hard, eating right, following your plan but not reaching your fitness goals? Do you get the bare minimal sleep each night and are running on empty?


You need SLEEP!


That’s right, sleep more. Did you know sleep plays a massive role in reaching your fitness goals? No matter what your fitness goals are, having muscle on your body is important. Muscle is the enemy of fat – it helps you burn fat and stay young. But sleep (or lack of) is the enemy of muscle. Scientists have found that lack of sleep decreases protein synthesis (your body’s ability to make muscle), results in muscle loss and can lead to higher risk of injury.

Lack of sleep also makes it harder for your body to recover from exercise by slowing down the growth hormone production; your natural source of anti-ageing and fat burning. Your body doesn’t change when it works out. It changes when you refuel with nutrients and sleep. Treat sleep schedules as strictly as you do your workouts.

A poor night of rest also increases that stress hormone cortisol, which slows down the production of growth hormone. That means that that the already reduced production due to lack of sleep reduces more by cortisol in the system… one big cycle.

Sleep deprivation can also destroy all diets. Normally you might be able to fight off the desire, but because your insular cortex (part of your brain) is weakened due to sleep deprivation, you have trouble fighting the urge and more likely to indulge in all the wrong foods.

While there is no right or wrong number, a good rule is to get between 7 and 9 hours sleep per night. It could make all the difference to reaching your fitness goals and making healthy decisions.

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