Hello there and thank you for stopping by my website. My name is Meg Brettell and I couldn’t be more excited about sharing my story and everything I know about health and fitness with you. Hopefully it will inspire and help you on your own fitness journey.

Fitness has always been a part of my life. Both my parents were or had been in the fitness industry at some point and I grew up being a part of every sports team and club at school.

Dancing was a large part of it and I went on to study professional stage dance at college after school. I had danced since I was 3 and It had always been my dream to be a dancer until I injured my back in my final year of tuition.

So I taught dance and cheerleading to primary and secondary girls for a couple of years before it was back to the drawing board and with the love of health and fitness and wanting to help people,I went down the trainer path.

I first done my exercise to music and my gym qualification then onto my Level 3 personal training certificate.

In 2013 I was looking at bikini and fitness models and competitors online in America and said to my old man “I want to look like that!” And his response was “great, go do it.”

Without any knowledge or experience in this field I set out to do my research. I started looking at shows, competitors, supplements, training, how to cut, how to bulk, stage tan, bikinis, shoes… the list was endless. I hadn’t thought about a coach before as didn’t know they existed then (now everyone and their gran seems to be one). My dad was a bodybuilder in his teens and early 20s so asked him for a little help. And by little he told me if I was looking okay or needed to be leaner. Very funny when I look back now.

I started cleaning up my diet and found a Scottish show to enter the following year. I was always very slight and chased the Victoria secret model physique. I had bad eating habits and over-trained in the gym. I remember I used to spend hours training away not really knowing what I was doing. During this time I focused on building my business and furthered my knowledge and understanding about training phases, split muscle groups and what gets trained when and why. I started to read a lot of bodybuilding books to learn more about the body. They definitely helped as I had no clue what I was doing.

My first year of competing in 2014 went better than I had ever imagined. 2x 3rd place UKBFF Bikini short, 1st place UKDFBA British and an invite to Worlds in Boston, which in the end I couldn’t go to due to other commitments. After a great run I was totally hooked on becoming the best I could be. Business took off and my body was growing in all the right places.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


2015 saw me enter one of the most glamorous fitness federations in the world, the WBFF. This was more about the glamour, marketability and your stage presence. There was a ball gown round for the bikini girls and theme wear for the fitness girls (bigger muscles, leaner physiques).

I went to Denmark for this show where I picked up a 3rd place in Bikini short. Later that year I entered an even bigger WBFF show under the guidance of my coach Tom where I placed 6th out of 30+ girls. Now this was my first show I got a coach. I felt I wanted to win this time round and that his knowledge and expertise of coach and prep of what they were looking for were far more advanced than mine so I used Tom for this prep. I loved having someone oversee my nutrition and training and learnt a great deal from him which I am forever thankful for.


2016 came and I wasn’t sure I was going to compete this year but after talks with my other half we decided to do it.

I was training hard and loving the way my body was looking. I was back on my own prep and listening to my body. I had in my head I wanted to win a British title… and I Did.

I gave myself a 12 week prep. Sorted out my macros and started to only have my cheats on the weekend. I have some great sponsors who help me along the way with supplements, meal management bags and clothing. Extremely lucky girl.

I entered the Norther counties UKDFBA show in August placing 1st with an Invite to British Championships in the October.

I continued to prep myself for British which was a further 7 weeks away.

British came and I got 1st call out centre stage… the dream! Then there were more comparisons and call outs to where I got moved about a few times as they were judging the international girls also.

When they called out my name I shed a tear. This was a long prep this year and I had achieved what I set out to do. But I was straight off stage with my 1st and on for international awards giving which I had no idea What was going on. 2nd place call out against the international girls. I was overwhelmed and couldn’t believe what was going on.

After I finally came back down to earth a few days later I got the call from the UKDFBA boss man to offer me a place to compete in the WNBF in LA. So the prep continued.

I didn’t place in America but was so thankful to be given the opportunity. I had lost a bit of size on my shoulders by now and felt my body had stopped responding without trying to run on empty.


2017- 2018 had me take a massive backseat that year with fitness and focus on my pregnancy and birth of my little boy. Throughout my pregnancy I really struggle to train I had really bad sickness and pain in my pelvis so really just focused on bodyweight resistance training 2-3 times per week with some walks and swimming.

when Logan was born I waited until he was about 15 weeks old until I really got back into consistent gym training with heavy Lifts and a structure training plan.

I held off until he was about 5 months before increasing my training to 4 days per week with lots of compound lifts to help re-build my physique.


This has been a huge couple of years for me and my most successful In my competing career.

I took some time it to build muscle, grow my business, prep bikini clients then prep myself for my most recent shows.

I placed 2nd in the UKDFBA international championships in October then 2 weeks later In the WBFF EUROPEAN PRO/AM I received my Pro status. This was my dream to become a Pro in my class. Moving forward this is super exciting and I will now be stepping on stage competing with the best IN THE WORLD.

My focus is helping future bikini fitness competitors with training, posing and getting stage ready and helping my clients become the fittest and most body confident they have ever been.

I want to pass on my knowledge and experience to helping ladies transform their physiques. Teach them how to train properly, eat well and listen to their bodies. Develop a love for lifting weights and learn that balance is important.

Whatever you are looking to achieve as far as loosing weight, putting on weight, gaining muscle, gaining strength or just looking to get in shape for yourself I am here to help and motivate and inspire.

Only you can put in the work. I am here to help you be the best possible you.

Meg xxx