Bikini Training Team

Meg Brettell Fitness offers competitive fitness coaching and complete contest prep.

With over 7 years experience in bikini competitions and a WBFF BIKINI PRO,  I have a lot of knowledge and experience in the process of becoming a Bikini competitor.

I also offer non competitive training for those wanting to get photo shoot ready or just be in the best shape of their life without the competitiveness.

I have 12 week or monthly prep options available to get you stage ready. You will likely need at least 6 months if your a first time competitor to get stage ready.

The 12 week option also gives you 3×30 mins Skype or FaceTime posing session or 3x group bikini posing class held by myself. These are held monthly at the club gym, Glasgow From Jan – October yearly.


  • Tailored training plan (Improvement + cutting phase)
  • Tailored calories and Macros
  • Supplement advise
  • Posing classes (blocks only or £20 otherwise)
  • Peak week plans and on the day nutrition
  • Weekly check-ins, daily check ins show week
  • Show help and advice (from bikinis to tan)
  • Online support and help
  • Private Team bikini Whatsapp group


Meg Brettell fitness runs monthly posing classes that are open to competitors and aspiring competitors. £20 per hour for group posing or 30 mins skype.

  • Posing for Bikini class , Bikini Fitness, and Bikini fitness Model (If you would like private posing 121’s can be arranged)
  • Quarter turns
  • T and I walks
  • Federation requirements
  • Presentation

For more details or to sign up enquire below

Pricing and Enquiries