But I’m not changing!

But I’m not changing!

Wonder why your training all the time and your body isn’t changing? Could be 1 or a few of these reasons, and I’m sorry but it’s the harsh truth. This applies to those trying to lose fat: if you’re trying to build muscle and gain weight only a few of these apply to you!

  1. You’re not following your plan to a T (if it says rest… REST. Your only putting 1/2 your effort into your sessions cause your exhausted. Your body hasn’t had time to recover. Repair and grow)
  2. You’re over consuming your calories
  3. You’re not training hard enough
  4. You’re in a calories deficit at the end of the week but you then consume 2 bottles of wine… cancelling out what you’ve worked hard for. (If you want a drink try changing what your drinking to something less calorific)
  5. You turn your cheat “meal” into a cheat “day
  6. You’re only doing cardio which will only make you a smaller version of yourself and burn calories on the spot (resistance can burn up to 3x as many cals and build a great looking physique)
  7. You think it happens over night and when you don’t see the change after a week you fall off it and blame your trainer or the plan (fact is, it takes years to create the perfect physique. Hard work, 100% dedication and day in day out training and watching your diet)
  8. You don’t believe in yourself and want to change bad enough to do it.
    I know truth and reality suck but no one got to where they were by quitting and half arsing it.


I became British Bikini champ by putting 110% into all aspects of my training.

Thursday feels.

If you need guidance in training and how to change your physique drop me a message.
Meg xxx