Tailored to your goals!

Tailored to your goals!

Another interesting one: the body coach – lean in 15!!!
I entered one of his over night oats with banana and chocolate as I was very curious.

I have a lot of clients who say to me “but I’ve been following the lean and 15” yes and that’s why your body isn’t changing. The concept and recipes are great but they are not tailored to your specific goals or calories….

so I entered his breakfast smoothie and this was the results:

607cals, 10g fat, 97.8g carbs and 37.6g protein
So if your daily intake is 1600 cals your only actually left with 993 for the rest of the day… you’ve probably eaten most of your carb intake too…. just for breakfast.

Not all recipes are there to follow to a t, some should be adapted to your personal goals!

Meg xxx