Weight training for women

Weight training for women

Many women still avoid weight training or are scared to in case it makes them big and muscly.I’m going explain why this just won’t happen, and why training with weights is probably the best thing you can do to get the body you want.

Okay so let’s just fully forget the myth that lifting weights will suddenly turn you into Arnie overnight. You have to REALLY try to put on a lot of muscle. There is no way you will do it by accident. A lot of my clients still say to me “but I don’t want to get too big” trust me when I say… You won’t.

The main hormone involved in building muscle mass is testosterone, and women have around 10% of the amount that men have. Most bodybuilders have to work VERY hard to gain serious muscle, and they are actually trying! Like me, I’m trying day in and day out and Im still tiny!

For women, training with weights can produce a small amount of muscle gain, but only to the point of looking toned and athletic. What it will also do is help you lose fat.


Here are just some of the benefits you will get from training with weights:


1.You’ll become stronger

Every woman likes to feel strong, right? It’s great to feel that you don’t need a man for every task that involves a heavy object. You can handle it yourself!

Becoming stronger makes you feel EMPOWERED. You become stronger mentally as well as physically which most will totally boost your self confidence.


2.You’ll burn more fat

Muscle tissue is very ‘metabolically active’, meaning it requires consistent calories to keep it alive and functioning. So the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn throughout the day, even at rest.

The body takes around 24-48 hours to repair itself after a weight session. During this time your metabolism is raised and requires extra calories for the process.


3.You can eat more food

Woo Hoo!! This is a big one for me as I love my food.

The boost in metabolism that weight training causes means your body requires more calories to function, and burns them off easier. So you can eat more than you could if you were not training regularly.

Now this doesn’t mean you can go out and eat as much or anything you want, because you still need to be burning off more than you’re eating if you want to lose weight. But it does mean you never have to restrict yourself so much that you keep getting hungry. As long as your eating according to your calorie goals and eating clean nutritious food you will find you can eat more.


4.You’ll look ‘toned’ rather than ‘skinny-fat’

If you consistently burn off more calories than you consume, you will lose weight whether you train with weights or not. But there will be a BIG difference in how you look depending on which you choose.

Losing weight just with dieting and cardio you will likely become a smaller version of you, but you will likely still have wobbly bits you don’t like. I hate to say it but bingo wings and saggy bums are common with this method of weight loss. People often refer to this appearance as skinny-fat – you’re slimmer, but still soft around the edges.

If you lose weight through weights training your body will totally transform. The fat will melt away to reveal a tighter, more toned version of you. You’ll notice muscle appearing in all the right places – giving shape to your bum and firmness to your arms and thighs. I train all my clients for that desired “fit” hourglass shape.


5.Make sure you’re doing it right

Weight training is my number one exercise tool when it comes to fat loss. I think its extremely effective but it’s also very important to know you’re doing it right. Always make sure you have a qualified trainer or instructor go through technique with you to ensure you’re safe and getting the most from your time and efforts when your starting out. The last thing you want is an injury to set you back.


I hope this has helped a few ladies out there.

Thanks for reading

Meg Xxx